Thursday, January 21, 2016

Back on the Horse

I've been ignoring this blog for way too long. One of my "new life resolutions" is to be more reflective, and keep a journal of the things that are going on in my life.

I'm already keeping a paper journal of the chronic medical things, about which more later (perhaps), but seeing as how I already have this blog, I may as well use it to document the cycling side of my life. It may start as just a log of my daily commute, which is what most of my riding comprises, but I hope to develop it into something more than that.

That said, I haven't actually been doing any riding lately!  I took a couple of weeks off commuting, for reasons I may write about later, and instead my daughter Claire has been driving me to and from work.

So I should have been back on my bike this week, but that didn't happen. I strained my lower back moving a heavy pot in the garden, so I'm off work this week. I should be back at work next week and riding every day.

So stay tuned!

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